Selficide Archangel TheEvolution 002


as Avenging AngelEdit

Original X-Men CostumeEdit

Angel299Selficide Archangel Original 001

First ClassEdit

60's CostumeEdit


70's CostumeEdit

Blanchett Angel60s

Champions 1st CostumeEdit

Defenders CostumeEdit

Angel Defenders

X-Terminator's CostumeEdit

X-Factor's CostumeEdit

Angel699 Selficide Archangel Red-n-White 001

Angel XFactor

as Death & ArchangelEdit


Messiah ComplexEdit

Selficide Archangel BlueHalo 001 Angel-Darksun33

Second ComingEdit

Other CostumesEdit

Recent CostumesEdit

Angel UXF19 Self-001 Archangel3 Angel-UncannyX-Force(LiveWithThisChapter1)-Spz Angel-WolverineAndTheXMen(JustAnotherDayInWestchesterCounty)-SpzArchangel2 Angel-UncannyX-Force(LiveWithThisChapter1)2-Spz

Wolverine & the X-Men SeriesEdit

Archangel5 Angel410 Angel ooBlanchett Angellifeseed zpsc766cdf8


Click HERE to see the alternate versions of Angel.

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