Black Justice
New universe (1)
Real Name Klane
Affiliation Daedalus Darquill
Hair Red
Place of birth
Universe Earth-148611
Origin Paranormal

Klane was originally described as one of the extradimensional members of the realm known as the Far Place. There he was one of Justice Warriors who served King Therion and defended the Land of Spring from the forces of Daedalus Darquill and the Land of Winter. Klane allegedly fell in love with the power at his command and developed a hunger for further power. He betrayed the Land of Spring and went to serve Darquill , who twisted his powers into a darker form. He was renamed Black Justice.

Black Justice was sent to battle Tensen, the Justice Warrior on Earth. Klane assaulted and badly injured Tensen, burning holes in his hands and nearly exhausting his energy. As Klane taunted Tensen with knowledge of his missing lover, Tensen drew on his energy reserves and used his sword to blow Klane to pieces.

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