JW Bloodbath
Real Name Unknown
Relatives Unrevealed
Affiliation Bruut, Hot Rox, Supreme Soviet
Hair Auburn
Place of birth
Universe Earth-93060
Origin Ultra

Bloodbath was a mercenary through and through, and he cared about nothing else besides himself and getting his paycheck. He was vicious and bloodthirsty, and willing to sacrifice anything else that got in his way. He accompanied Bruut to get new Theta victim, Timothy Halloran. Although initially being stunned by Mustang, he managed to take Halloran, nearly sacrificing Bruut and then leaving him behind, and killing Halloran's mother in the process. When Bruut tried to teach him a lesson for his betrayal, he dropped him with a single punch.

Later, he tried to rape the captured Tinsel, who used her powers to blind him. Nonetheless, he tracked her by hearing and blew her away. When Ghoul came to take revenge on him, he hacked the Exile to pieces­­which did nothing to stop him. Ghoul finally managed to blow a hole in his chest, killing him, and absorbed his life energies and soul as he died.

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