ION JW Brazen
Real Name Unknown
Relatives Zip-Zap
Affiliation Gangsta Pilgrim's Gang
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Place of birth
Universe Earth-93060
Origin Ultra

Brazen is the partner of Gangsta. They have the ability to channel the powers of Ra, the sun god. They have a limit, however: Gangsta can only use his special powers during the day and Brazen can only use them at night. They also serve as energy sources for each other, so if Gangsta is defeated at night, Brazen won't be able to access her abilities.

Brazen was approached by Pilgrim to join his gang and defeat The Strangers, thought they only met defeat. She has not been seen since their defeat.

It has been revealed that Brazen is the mother of Zip Zap, the super-fast member of the Strangers.

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