Chrome (Jenny Swensen)
New universe (1)
Real Name Jennifer Ann Swensen
Alias Spitfire
Relatives Karl Swensen (father, deceased)
Affiliation DP7
Weight 145 lbs (66 kg) (300 lbs as Chrome; 1145 lbs in Spitfire armor)
Height 5' 10"
Eyes Blue (silver as Chrome)
Hair Red (silver as Chrome)
Unusual Features Jenny's body is composed of a silver colored, organic steel and she has silvery-blue blood
Universe Earth-148611
Origin Paranormal

Jenny Swensen, a highly respected full Professor of Applied Engineering at M.I.T., cares about what's right. With the aid of five outstanding M.I.T. students, she steals from Fritz Krotze the lab that originally belonged to her late father, including his technological masterpiece, the M.A.X. (Man-Amplified eXperimental suit). Krotze wants the M.A.X. back -- his aim, to develop it into highly marketable combat armor. Jenny and her friends find themselves using the M.A.X. to wage war on Krotze while constantly evading the law.

The Pitt-juice eventually caused a mutagenic effect in Jenny, an effect that changed her skin into a sort of flexible steel armor. Once this transformation was completed (with Glitter's unwitting help), Jenny joined up with the C.I.A.'s paranormal program for a time, though this time was somewhat limited. This was because of the Overshadow.

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