Dehman Doosha
New universe (1)
Real Name Unknown
Alias Johnny Do, Heatseeker
Affiliation Psi-Force, Medusa Web
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Place of birth Russia
Universe Earth-148611
Origin Paranormal

Johnny Do (not his real name) was a young, severely autistic paranormal boy being held at the Russian facility called the Siberian Project, although his place of origin is unknown (Johnny does not speak, so even his native language is unknown). His captors considered him dangerous and uncontrollable due to his pyrokinetic abilities coupled with his autism, and planned to lobotomize him until prevented from doing so by another of their inmates, Psi-Force member Thomas Boyd, who took control of their facility and forced them to make a deal: he would work to socialize 'Johnny' (the name Boyd gave the child) and make him into the assett the Russians wanted him to be, but if he failed, the Russians could terminate him and turn 'Johnny' loose on their enemies.

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