Foxfire (Rose Autumn)
Real Name Rose Autumn
Relatives ALex Autumn (father deceased). Mariah Autumn (mother deceased)
Eyes White
Hair Red, Gold when empowered
Place of birth
Universe Earth-93060, Earth-127
Origin Human/Progeny hybrid

Human/alien hybrid with powers that mirror those of the Phoenix Force.

Young Rose Autumn never knew her parents were robotic replicas, or that she was a hybrid of human and an alien race called the Progeny, but when the Phoenix Force manifested in her reality her secrets were revealed. Amber Hunt was possessed by the Phoenix and her battle with the X-Men and Ultraforce killed Rose's mother and damaged her father. Rose's horror at seeing her parents reduced to metallic parts triggered her alien DNA and activated her latent abilities. Siphoning off energy from the Phoenix Rose became Foxfire and separated Amber from the Phoenix. After her initial rush of power Foxfire collapsed and awoke in a hospital bed 50 years in the future. She learned her origins, that she was created for the sole purpose of being sent back in time to prevent an energy signature from calling the Progeny to Earth. Using her alien powers in addition to the power she stole from the Phoenix Force, Foxfire teamed up with the remaining superhumans in the Progeny-controlled future, even joining with the future version of Ultraforce, who welcomed the 'Stepchild of the Phoenix" into their team. Foxfire defeated the Progeny then jumped back to her present timeline

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