Ghoul (Jonathan Martin)
JW UF Ghoul2
Real Name Jonathan Martin
Affiliation Ultraforce, Exiles
Eyes Red
Hair Bald
Place of birth Vermon, USA
Universe Earth-93060
Origin Ultra

Jon Martin was reportedly a serious student, with his eye on a career in engineering. When he was about 17, he was hit by the Theta virus, and narrowly saved by the intervention of Dr. Rachel Demming .The random empowerment left him a sort of living zombie, with some odd abilities and perceptions.

When Deming ordered a general assault on the base of her enemy, corrupt businessman Malcolm Kort, Ghoul was among the other Exiles. He and his friend and fellow Exile Tinsel had to be left behind on the op site, and were captured by Kort’s superhuman enforcers.

Ghoul was thrown into the biological wastes disposal system, but narrowly escaped.

Weakened, Tinsel was gunned down by Bloodbath, and Ghoul arrived minutes too late to help her. Enraged, Ghoul killed Bloodbath , then killed his spirit to empower himself. He went on a murder run using Bloodbath’s advanced guns and blew up the top floor of Kort’s corporate HQ, apparently killing everyone - including himself.

Ghoul, however, did not die, and his body reconstructed itself from vegetable matter near his grave, leaving him forever changed. His return from the grave triggered strong public reactions when it was revealed an ultra had survived death.

The despondent Ghoul was convinced to join with Contrary and her pupil Pixx , and later ended up joining Ultraforce along them both.

Ghoul’s scarf originally belonged to Pixx, and he has been keeping it as a memento since her death.

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