Heather Faraday
JW HeatherFaraday
Real Name Heather Faraday
Affiliation Exiles
Hair Black
Place of birth
Universe Earth-93060
Origin Ultra

Heather was the personal assistant to Dr. Deming . She was a victim of the Theta virus as well, but was cured by Dr. Deming and emerged completely normal after the treatment. She apparently had some degree of medical training, as well as experience with Dr. Deming's advanced machinery and processes. She was very strongly attracted to Judd Sheppard , but she was constantly put off by his aggressive advances and groping. She was trying to explain this to him when she left Dr. Deming's laboratory unattended, allowing Amber to attempt the process herself. Heather nearly had quelled the overload when the burst from the Entity caused everything to explode. Heather was instantly incinerated by the energies released from Amber after the blast.

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