Lindsey Falmon
New universe (1)
Real Name Lindsey Falmon
Relatives Wayne Tucker(husband)
Alias Overtime
Affiliation Psi-Force, Medusa Web
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Height 5' 2"
Weight 95 lbs (43 kg)
Place of birth U.S.A.
Universe Earth-148611
Origin Paranormal

Lindsey Falmon gained her paranormal abilities due to the so-called White Event, but kept them concealed until she met Wayne Tucker of the Psi-Force who was staying at her stepfather's hotel following the temporary dissolution of his team. Falmon and Tucker ended up on the run together after Tucker was targeted by the group known as the Medusa Web, and she helped Tucker reunite the majority of the remaining members of Psi-Force, joining the group. After spending some time at the top secret Russian facility called the Siberian Project following a cataclysmic battle with Russian paranormal Rodstvow in Washington DC, Falmon and the rest of Psi-Force became operatives of the Medusa Web, and Falmon agreed to marry Tucker.

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