Night Man
UV-Night Man-06-NIX
Real Name John Domingo
Relatives Eddie Doming (father)
Eyes Brown
Hair Brownish red
Place of birth
Universe Earth-93060
Origin Ultra

One day, while he was walking in the street, a nearby tram was hit by something and exploded. Johnny had a fragment of metal hit him hard in the head, and was rushed to an hospital. The doctors couldn’t remove the fragment, as it might damage his brain, but it seemed the only lasting effect would be that his pupil were permanently dilated, making his eyes sensitive to light. Other effects only appeared later. While the world learned that many of the people who were in the tram had gained superhuman powers, with some of them banding together as the Strangers, Johnny discovered he too was experiencing strange events. His eyes could see in the dark, he didn’t need to sleep anymore, and he could hear evil thoughts.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Night Man has but one real superpower : he can hear evil thoughts in the mind of nearby persons. This only works for actively evil thoughts, like thinking about murdering someone. It also enables him to react with startling speed to aggression, as he can hear the thoughts of those wishing to shoot or beat him before they act ; however, if the person does not consider his thoughts to be evil (like a animalistic predator, or a completely amoral person), then they do not register.

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