Prime (Kevin Green)
ION JW MJT Prime FirstCostume
Real Name Kevin Green
Relatives Russel Green (father), Ruth Green (mother)
Affiliation Ultraforce
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Place of birth
Universe Earth-93060
Origin Ultra

Russel Green was working in a top secret military research department when he and his wife, Ruth, experienced problems conceiving their first child. They had all but abandoned the idea of having a child of their own when Russel was contacted by Doctor Samuels. Samuels was one of the lead scientists within the American government’s classified Super-Soldier program.

Samuel’s promised the Green’s a child, and began to put Ruth through several unspecified treatments while taking samples from Russel. To the Green’s elation, Ruth quickly became pregnant with a healthy and robust fetus. Nine short months later, Ruth gave birth to a literally perfect baby boy. The two named the boy Kevin, and with his birth, Russel was forced to reconsider his commission in the military. He made up his mind quickly and resigned in order to work in the private sector. A short time thereafter, Samuels’ project was shut down under mysterious circumstances.

Russel though nothing of it, as he finally had everything he wanted in Kevin. Kevin was a great kid and was genuinely very happy. He never got sick, and did well in school. Everything was perfect … until Kevin hit his thirteenth year.

Kevin began to experience intense stomach aches, and have some issues with the children in his school. One night, while he was asleep, the pain grew in intensity to the point where he felt he might burst. With a sudden explosion of pain, Kevin transformed for the first time.



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