Twilight (Lenore Fenzl)
New universe (1)
Real Name Lenore Fenzl
Affiliation DP7, Clinic for Paranormal Research, Wisconsin
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Unusual Features Lenore's skin gave off a constant bright light
Place of birth

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Universe Earth-148611
Origin Paranormal

Lenore Fenzl who was a senior citizen and originally a teacher, after the White Event Lenore's body began generating an omnidirectional white light that drained strength and energy from others. Lenore's condition started as a small rash on her arm and quickly spread to cover her entire body.

Lenore checked into the Clinic for Paranormal research, where she was placed in the treatment group that would eventually become known as DP7. Lenore left with the group when they fled the Clinic, and remained with them through their period on the run. Lenore, along with everyone on the team except Dave Landers, was eventually captured by bounty hunters and forcibly returned to the clinic. Once back at the clinic the groups' memories were altered and they were brainwashed into remaining.

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